• Wheeze Eeze Ready to Use - Respiratory Support

Wheeze-Eeze is a blend of five herbal extracts which can support the respiratory system.

The various herbs contribute different characteristics to the product. Some have anti-bacterial effects, others help loosen catarrh and others are general disinfectants. These help the natural defence mechanisms to deal with the prime cause of the symptoms.

  • Can be used in drinking water
  • Can be sprayed directly in front of pets so they can breathe in the mist
  • Can be used in a nebuliser
  • Can be sprayed around the cage area
  • Safe for use in the presence of humans

Directions for use

Wheeze-Eeze is simply sprayed around pets, allowing them to breathe the mist. As a matter of routine Wheeze-Eeze can be sprayed around the pets living environment.

Active ingredients:

 A complex blend of natural herbal extracts.

250ml ready to use trigger spray.

We stock this item in both Bird Care Company and Small Animals Range.  Although labelled differently they are the exact same product.

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Wheeze Eeze Ready to Use - Respiratory Support

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