• Cornflower and Daisy Sticks - Naturals Range

2 hard baked crunchy treats made from natural ingredients.

Clip to the side of the cage ,leave on the cage base as a floor toy or crumble and feed a small portion as a treat


  • vegetables 61.9% (pea flour, carrot)
  • seeds 23.8% (buckwheat, hemp, linseed, fennel, black cumin)
  • herbs 9.5% (peppermint, parsley, dandelion, nettle)
  • edible flowers (daisies 1.6%, cornflowers 1.6%)
  • vegetable starch
These treat sticks sometimes crumble during transit.  This does not affect the treat - crumbs can be given in a small dish or sprinkled into the daily dry seed mix.

Cornflower and Daisy Sticks - Naturals Range

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