Easichick is a unique avian bedding which is an ideal choice for anyone looking to provide the best for their birds from day old chicks to adult birds.

  • manufactured in a bio-secure environment and  treated with an organic additive making it bacteria free*, which is great not only for protecting the health of your birds and chicks, but also for protecting the health of unhatched chicks – this guards against bacteria travelling through the shell.
  • absorbent and free draining, so stays dry on top lasting longer than traditional beddings, saving time cleaning out coops and aviaries
  • birds love dust bathing in Easichick as part of their natural behaviour. And bird owners love it because it is  does not blow around the aviary or garden like traditional wood shavings, plus it’s ideal for soaking up muddy runs in winter.
  •  has Organic Farmers and Growers approval so can be composted and spread on your garden.
  • dust free
  • bacteria free
  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • easy to use
  • economical
  • warm and comfortable

10kg bale

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